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Dermaplaning in Dunfermline – Review by Sheena Gregory

Today I had Deluxe Dermaplaning done by Mhairi at Clarity House and wow my skin looks fabulous, taking my skin from dull and grey to bright and healthy looking I would even venture to say its made me look younger, my wrinkle lines look less visible.

“The fine peach fuzz will grow in the same, it won’t become thicker or darker, it just grows in the same as it was before, so no need to worry about getting landed with a black beard, lol.”

It removes that peach fuzz that traps so much of the dead skin cells, everyday grime and make up residue and has left my skin so much smoother with a lovely healthy glow. It also makes skincare products absorb better and a smoother base for make-up.
Although it sounds slightly scary because it’s done with a scalpel and in a way your face is being shaved, the sensation is pleasant and not in any way painful, this is only a small part of the treatment, there’s a lovely cleansing regimen to prepare your skin then the planing and a super moisturizing treatment to finish, the whole treatment is so relaxing.
The fine peach fuzz will grow in the same it won’t become thicker or darker just the same as it was before, so no need to worry about getting landed with a black beard lol. I know all this because my therapist talked me through it all before we started and throughout the treatment I’m always impressed when the therapists are knowledgeable about the treatments and confident in what they are doing and Mhairi certainly is, as well as putting me at ease with her friendly demeanour.

Would I have Dermaplaning done again?

Would I have this done again? OH YES just try and stop me.
Sheena Gregory
Sheena GregoryClarity House Customer
Sheena mainly visits Clarity house in Dunfermline for Massage Treatments.
We asked Sheena to try something new and this is what Sheena said about Derma Planning.
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