What do your brows say about you?

People may think that all the eyebrow attention over recent years is some sort of new craze, you would be mistaken. Women- and men- have been eyebrow obsessed, from the Ancient Egyptians to modern day models. Here is a timeline of all the most influential brow trends, and trust men they aren’t all pretty.

Walk Line like an Egyptian?

In Ancient Egyptians times, men and women wore heavy eye makeup as it was believed to have supernatural qualities which helped to ward off evil spirits. they lined the eyes with a black khol, but they didn’t forget about the eyebrows. So maybe we should be thanking Cleopatra and not Cara for the power brow?

Turn of the twenties

The start of commercially available eyebrow products meant that women could easily fill their eyebrows, which led to the famous pencil-thin look of the 1920’s. Eyebrows were plucked to nothing and then relined almost straight down to the side of the eyes, resulting an almost sad expression. Silent film actress Clara Blow was among those responsible for making his look iconic

The New Look

The 50’s welcomed Dior’s New Look which called for a full face of hollywood glam complete with the classic winged liner and a strong brow. These brows were fuller with a high arch. The look was made famous by stars such as Marilyn Monroe and of course, 50’s brow queen Audrey Hepburn.

It was acceptable in the 80’s

Power suits and power brows! Brows were back, with a vengeance. Leading on from the natural 70’s eyebrow, 80’s was all about the bigger the better. With Madonna and Brooke shields rising to fame, they became the poster children for the full bushy brow.

Everything was skinny in the 90’s

It seems everyone rediscovered their tweezers in the 90’s, and may have gotten carried away. 90’s brows were all about the ‘less is more’ motto. Super skinny brows were made famous by Drew Barrymore and Pamela Anderson. Some celebs even took it as far as shaving their eyebrows off in the name of ‘grunge’, such as supermodel Kristen McMenamy.

Perfected Power Brow

Brow trends again have come a full 360, but this time are they here to stay? Eyebrows seem to be bigger business than ever. More and more people are becoming obsessed with creating the ‘perfect’ eyebrow. The growing eyebrow cosmetic market has lead to the bold Power Brow, you can get this look with HD Brows and Henna Brows at Clarity House in Dunfermline.

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