Electrolysis at Clarity House Dunfermline

with Specialist Consultant Tina Sinclair - MBIAE CRPE BABTAC CGLI HND

Tina Sinclair qualified with distinction in electrolysis nearly 25 years ago. Tina furthered her training and achieved another distinction in post-graduate advanced/surgical electrolysis. This is an even more specialised method of treatment which treats fibrous and vascular blemishes.

Because of Tina's passion for electrolysis she has continued her training for the last 18 years specialising in pre & post-operative face/donor site transgender electrolysis, working in conjunction with gender assignment health professionals across the country. Tina Sinclair is also is a national trainer for electrolysis.

Tina is fully licenced and insured and is a member of The British Institute & Association of Electrolysis. We are delighted to welcome Tina Sinclair, Electrologist to the team at Clarity House Dunfermline.

Electrolysis for hair removal

Electrolysis is still the only medically approved form of permanent hair removal. Since it was first discovered in 1875, electrolysis has been refined and perfected into the modern methods used today around the world. There are 3 main methods of electrolysis -galvanic, thermolysis and blend. All 3 are capable of permanently removing hair. Electrolysis is performed by inserting a very fine, flexible needle into the follicle, a natural opening in the skin. A tiny amount of current is skilfully used to destroy the lower part of the follicle, which gradually stops any more hairs growing from there. The destruction is carried out by heat (thermolysis), a chemical reaction (galvanic) or both blended together (blend). Electrolysis is a gradual process with appointments becoming shorter and less frequent over time Electrolysis is suitable for both male & female clients, any skin tone & any hair colour. It is perfect for dealing with white, grey or non-pigmented hairs.

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Advanced aesthetic treatments which treat, reduce and remove unsightly vascular and fibrous blemishes from the face & upper body. For treatment of blood spots, facial thread veins, skin tags, xanthelasma, seborrheic keratosis and warts to name but a few.

Electrolysis Specialist Consultant

Tina Sinclair - Electrologist

25 Years Experience - An Electrolysis Expert in Dunfermline

    Tina is a bundle of positive energy, professional in every sense and is very much an expert in electrolysis. Safe, effective, hair removal and advanced cosmetic procedures available at Clarity House Dunfermline.

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    Electrolysis - Dunfermline
    Electrolysis - Hair Removal Tip

    You can still remove hair between appointments by cutting or shaving (yes, even on the face) just so long as there is enough to show where the hair is on the day of your appointment. But please, do not be tempted to tweeze or wax!

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    Hair Removal Electrolysis for Men - Dunfermline
    Electrolysis - Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

    Treatments that reduces and remove unwanted & unsightly vascular & fibrous blemishes from the face & upper body. This procedure treats, reduces & removes Skin Tags, Warts, Blood Spots & Visible Facial Capillaries.

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